Saturday, June 09, 2007

A Missive to a Fairy

Dearest Twig:

Your smile brings light to my day and love in my dreams. Awake with a smile fresh from some dream lost in the forests of my nocturnal wanderings, I know that you’ve passed through, hidden but recognized.

You must have sprouted up like a mushroom out of the swaddling moss of some arboreal paradise, found by cottagers of the kindest sort and raised human. Our elfin cousins vanished long ago, because we didn’t believe in ourselves, so we ceased believing in them. When I met you, I believed in elves and fairies again.

I wonder if you can understand human speech. If you do, you’ve doubtless heard how amazing we think you are. I’ve seen people of all ages stop and stare, enchanted senseless by you. I’m embarrassed to say that I drink from that cup, also. When children come away from you, I’ve asked them what you said. And they’ll tell me in great detail what the conversation was. I then ask, "Did you see her lips move?" And some will forthrightly say, "No." "I thought not," respond I. What more do you do that we humans have forgotten the method? What more do you know that we would remember if we noticed?

I still have the red feather that you accidentally on purpose dropped in my path.

I imagine where you are, and wonder how you got there. What roads do you progress upon? What manner of carriage do you ride? How do you go unnoticed by the travelers that pass along side you near? Where do you lay your head when you rest? What fortunate cushion cradles you when you dream with your father and mother among the royal court of the Fairies?

You are evidence I present myself with of the knowing that your kind still walks this earth. On some other earth your kind has dwelt for many years waiting for us to recognize who we are, and thus recognize you. I look forward to those days when we gather together as the extended family we are. I anticipate with magik the magik you bring back to us, that we be reminded of the magikal beings we are. Until then, I hold a place for you in my heart.

I’ve heard and read that once a human’s heart has been touched by a fairy it will never be the same, lost in some fantasy land never to be heard from again. I think this is the fear of not knowing who we are that instigates this. But I know there is some truth to it, for I am indeed lost to the normal human insularity and separation. My heart glows with your finger prints; my inner ears ring with your flutes. I hear your tinkling foot steps even in the bustling human cities of chaos, and I turn to locate the sound believing absolutely that you are there. Invisible, you just don’t match the vibration that is familiar to my eyes. I trust my senses and my inner voice, because I can smell the humus of your birth and feel your energy exciting my blood and bones. I am not disappointed.

One fine day, we’ll meet yet again. Perhaps it’s the day that the elves and humans greet each other with kisses and hugs in a giant reunion. Perhaps it will be a private meeting, with knowing glances, an exchange of feathers, while all about us know not a wit of the agenda of our meeting. Until then and always forever know that there are no conditions, reservations, or expectations. There is sufficiently a knowing appreciation in allowing our energy and choices. In this, there is no separation between our divinity. In between and amongst there is only love.

For the divine in me sees the divine in you–Namaste’


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