Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Climate Change

I think that the affectingness of climate change is more important than it is in itself. It's not the effects of climate change that will affect us, it is how we let it affect us. On the other side of the circle, we are affecting climate change on a much deeper level than what we put into the air and water. The climate changes. It has done so throughout linear time. It has damn near wiped us out several times over. But, WE create it, as we create all of nature, continuously. We do this from a much broader and deeper focus of attention than the attention required to drive our SUV's with our feet on the gas pedals. We put our energy into the atmosphere in a direct way, and the climate reflects that back at us to show us what we are doing energetcally. We mistake that for carbon dioxide, cow flatulence, and a more active sun cycle, and put the cart before the horse.

It's not the carbon in the air that is our challenge; it's what we focus on, the awareness of that, and the resistance to being aware and to be accepting of that. In my opinion, both the White Man's religion and the Native American religions are incorrect. We are neither superior to nature nor its creation. Nature is the manifestation of our collective consciousness. In that, it is both our reflection and collective identity, in part.
In other words, climate change comes from the reverse side of the circle; the side we can't see; the other side of the sheet of paper. It comes from the motive source of the finger that having writ, moves on.

We are remembering that we are not separate from nature any more than we are separate from Essence. We just believe we are separate from both.

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