Sunday, June 24, 2007

A New Race of Gods

Jane Roberts in PSYCHIC POLITICS wrote:

What boldness, to create a new race of the gods, glorifying individuality,seeing each as a unique personification-not sterile righteous lords sending down condemnations and handing out impossible edicts, but gods saying "Life is good. That's why we're alive, and alive in you!"

We need father, mother, grandfather, grandmother gods, niece and nephew gods, aunt and uncle gods-boisterous joyful divine families, mating among themselves and with us,singing of the beauty of the lovebed, appreciating the moments formed like solitary jewels from the vast necklace of infinity…

The Book of the Gods- I'd like to write that, and The Book of the Universe,in which people-gods or god-people rise from nonphysical to physical life because they want to,because they dreamed in their solitary godhoods of green grasses and soft flesh
and yearned to be born as men and women; flinging their godness into bodies joyfully, recklessly, come what may.

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