Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Belief Systems of Healing

The belief systems I have about healing have to do with both ancient and modern "healing" practices. In this, we have to "fix" something "wrong", internally, externally, or spiritually. It comes from our veil of separation that is a core blueprint of our reality. It's a "necessary" belief with which we've constructed reality so that we are able to experience in isolation the creation of our reality. This has been morphed into a sort of "illness" that we have to become "whole again", that our separation was and is some sort of error on our part. I envision a "time" when the separation was a temporary point of view that we could shift from when we wanted to step out of the exercise for a bit. Instead, now we believe it to be permanent unless until we "heal" and become "whole". And then we formed all sorts of methods, processes, beliefs in religions and sciences with which we fix ourselves or find some healer to "fix us" using these methods, processes, religions and sciences.

I'm not saying this is wrong, nor that these beliefs are not "real" for they are very valid and existential, and REAL. Also, they are not absolute truths. The really real truth is that we are and never were "separated". Separation is only a point of view that is narrow and narrows our perception and limits our creativity. The purpose of this was valid; yet, we've exprienced about as much as we can stand of this. We are bored with it. We are growing tired of having our creativity stifled, and tired of experiencing the same things over and over again. This fatigue with separation is now a part of us individually and as a species. Many of us are checking out, and not remanifesting in the future from now. Those that want and will continute to remanifest in the future are changing our perception to one of wholeness and with a relatively lessor amount of separation. An example of this are the modern shaman or spiritualist. For some others like me, we experience and remember our dream creations as experiences and valid and memorized as much as our walking life. This reality is changing, and I envision it to result in a physical reality much like it was when the DreamWalkers created this reality wherein we will be DreamWalkers, too, only with a lot more experience.
In the context of our current belief systems, we will be "healed". Only then, we'll know that there was never any healing needed. There will be a broader awareness, a change in point of view to a "range of view", so to speak. We will be able to see where we've been, where we are, and the places and times we could be, almost simultaneously, like in the amount of time it takes us to turn our heads to view a different part of the room we are in. It will be more like the feeling I get when I'm driving in awareness of traffic, or like when I'm sharp and on the kenjutsu mat or soccer field. We'll know where everyone is and what they are doing without having to look with our eyes. We'll just feel where we are and what we are doing in the past, present and future. We'll be able to narrow our focus to just one point of view, but we won't forget we are not separated from ourselves the past, present or future and all the probable alternates thereof.
In the acceptance of our current belief systems of "healing" we'll have the choice to know that healing is not necessary, just a process we can undergo if we want. Otherwise, we'll be aware of our wholeness and our range of perception.

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Zam I Am said...

Hey Gunslinger...

Interesting article you composed concerning Healing. I've similiar views concerning this, as per a recent discussion with my Aikido Sensei.

Anywhere we can discuss this if you'd like? I have some material I'd like you to read and see what you think concerning my Sensei and I's conversation.

You may remember me (or not) from The Shamans Rattle.

Zam I Am (Warriors_Way)