Wednesday, October 06, 2004


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I listened to the trailer on this website. Well, who knows how they picked the excerpts. Probably had in mind the most controversial and negative ones simply because our society expects that, therefore it's most likely to sell the movie. We'll see what the movie brings. The most telling about the motivations of the trailer's creators was a comment near the end, "The people who were damaged the most by Carlos were those that expected the most from him." Well DEE A DUH!!!

We are so used to expecting that our expectations will be fulfilled that we are indignant and plead victimhood when they are not. Sometimes we sink into neurosis in our disappointment. This is one of the definitions of self-importance, and is the opposite of shamanism and Zen. Expectations are the core of Conventional Reality in that we expect something to be so therefore it is. This is the most obvious lie of the whole blasted thing, and the one the most essential to avoid and ignore for people to maintain the status quo, and their sanity. Expectations are not always so.

Don Juan told Carlos not to expect anything from him, warned him in fact. Just like Don Juan expected nothing from Carlos. Go where spirit leads you.

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