Thursday, September 30, 2004

This closes a chapter...

I Can’t Be...

What does it mean when your loved one doesn’t understand you?
Are you understandable? Are they blind?
Are they not looking because they don’t want to see?

Do they really have a picture of what they want you to be?
Are you that which they can’t, or don’t want to, see?
If you were to do, say or be what they want,
Would they, could they, point to you and say "that’s what I meant"?

The pain of not being what your loved one wants is immense, heavy.
Like a weight on you that you can’t lift and no one can spot you.
I can’t be what they want. No wonder lesser people shrug.
The burden is even heavier somehow when you think it’s not possible to lift it.

How can you recover that which you gave away and was rejected?
How can you re-caste pearls before someone again?
What if that person was a person who loves you and doesn’t see the gift?

How can you join someone on the veranda who doesn’t see what you do?
Do you doubt your own mind, your own eyes, to try to see what they do?
Isn’t that kind of pretending called a lie? And who benefits? Does anybody?


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