Thursday, September 30, 2004

Samhain Moon

Orange Orb, smiling at me.
Smiling, knowing, but kind.
Portentous of the coming year.
Augeries of battles and victories.

A Blue Moon on Samhain Eve
The first in fifty years minus four.
Four times ten is forty. My years in this life.
My lily girl will see it again in twenty.

What changes the year has wrought.
Awareness of other realms brought.
Teachers came and disappeared
Some were returning lives to my circle.

Black crows greet the final day,
Picking at the scraps and corpses of last year.
May they feast on it with gratitude,
Messengers of the changes augured for the next.

Keeper with crows, messengers of the dead.
Samhain Eve when the Otherworld doors open.
Spirit whisperings, rough bird oracles,
I will need wit and weapon, pen and poetry.

Yellow and red mums boisterously bloom.
Pumpkins orange, hay bales brown, birds in the wind.
Big birds black, tree plum red, tears of regret.
A cold time come before the sun warms the ground.


1 comment:

Lisa said...

What a beautiful poem. It so perfectly captures the feeling of Samhain. Thank you! (((you)))