Thursday, February 13, 2014

Assad's Barrels

My dreams are affected by the zeitgeist of our time, in this case, the tragedy of Syria as expressed in Daraya. The world stands by as horrors continue.

I am extremely sensitive to events in the world, and those get connected in my dreams. I do not often make conscious connections until later. I just have really bad feelings. The last week of January, was really bad. And today, I find out why, or one reason.

That was the week of the Syria Peace talks in Geneva, when the UN ostensibly wanted to find some resolution. While the Syrian government was "negotiating" it was dropping "Assad's Barrels" on the populace of Daraya, a suburb of Damascus held by mostly non-radical Islamic rebels. Over the course of 6 days, a neighborhood was destroyed.

Russia backs this butcher and his regime. Saudi Arabia backs the al Qaeda affiliated rebels, who are butchers in their own game. Western corporate interests and government back the Free Syrian Army, a big bunch of noobs that can't shoot straight. The People are represented by nobody, but each other.

I have debated with myself whether to post the video of the Daraya bombing. It is absolutely horrific. We need to have this in our conscious awareness, if for no other reason than to shock ourselves out of our stupor of 1st world problems: Gay football players, phony money debt extensions, and stupid people and their stupid name changes.

At the end of the angst, I decided it best for you to see it. My integrity requires it. The People of Syria require it. Most of all, it is our best interest to know what the world is really like in some places, especially when it is our own government acting in our name perpetuating the horrors like Daraya, Syria.

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