Saturday, February 01, 2014

Acting on Your Highest Excitement Every Moment

The Principle of Acting on Your Highest Excitement Every Moment, seems so simple; so simple that it is contradictory.
 Wait! If I did that, I could die!

So?!! Who says your proper path is not on some other planet, in some other dimension, even if it is a non-physical one?

Yea. Friggen hard to except. We only know THIS reality, and are scared shitless of another. No blame on my part there. I'm as attached to the here and now planet Earth as much or more than anyone....

But, to a benevolent Universe that loves you as much as itself because YOU ARE IT, it shall never betray you, for it would betray itself. Easy abstract words.

But let us trust that which is always always gots our back. I'll go first if you are behind me.


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