Monday, February 07, 2011

NOT NOW, NOT EVER does racism and culturalism belong in this debate.

Let's get this straight, real fast, people in the West:

It is one thing to disagree with the Muslim Bros. It's another to say that it's a monolithic party that doesn't have any redeeming social value, however erroneous that is. But when one denigrates the entire Middle East from Morrocco to Saudi Arabia by stating that ALL are fundamentalists, or worse, it is racism and cultural elitism, and something with which I will not put.

I can assure you that ladies would be welcome to dress in any of the large cities of the Middle East just as you would in any city in America that demands you do so with decorum.  There are races of many different kinds that are welcome. I will make exceptions, unlike the racists, for some cities and countries, especially for example, Saudi Arabia, where liberty is not welcome, of any kind, unless you are wealthy and live in certain enclaves.

The People in Tahrir Square are fighting for their freedom, women along side men, children and old folks, from every class and religion in Egypt, praying, chanting, crying, laughing, and dying, for their own freedom, not ours, that has long been denied them. And sometimes, it has been denied them at our convenience. Women's rights, as well as men's, comes with democracy and freedom, not with Kings, Mubaraks and other dictators.

I will not put up with racism or bigotry in any form. PERIOD.

Don't make me be rude.

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