Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Clearing the Past

I got the impression last night, a really strong one, that we are going through a deep purge of beliefs, if purge would be the right word. That's why things seem to be so stuck in Tahrir Square. I too have been frustrated by the lack of progress.  Many people went back to work on Sunday (the first day of the Egyptian work week). I think two days of going back to work, talking around the water coolers, has stimulated things again. My dog actually gave me the impression last night.

I had been reading, yesterday, some history on the Shah and the Mossedegh affairs, from back in 1951-1953. I had spent much of the day, reading and talking about it with an Iranian friend of mine, whose dad was in the police there and then. Last night, I was thinking about it, and had the thought, "We gotta let this old stuff go. Yes, it's important to know the history, but we have to stop being attached to it." About that time, the dog threw up.

Then, as the dog, as dogs will, went back to her vomit, I thought, "NO! Let it go!" People sometimes go back to their vomit, too.

Hence the word of the day, "Purge".

We do have a lot of past to clear.
Trust the process.  #Jan25

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