Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Over my last six years, one issue has been paramount, and that is self-trust. I can't tell you how many times I ripped my own heart out. It took me six years to realize the reason my beloved Annie died the way she did (a Jack Russell Terrier closer to me than any being of fur and four feet that there ever was) and all the personal drama I've been through since. Then, I did realize that it was about trusting myself, that her death and all the rest was to teach myself to trust my own creations--I shall not betray myself. It ain't possible.

Learn to trust yourself. You can start by trusting your creations, all of them. It's all you and reflections of you. It's not self-importance. Self-importance is part of the belief of duplicity--the you v. the not you; right and wrong, good and bad. It may take a sudden epiphany. It may take 6 years. It may take the rest of your life. I can't say when. Just trust yourself and your creations, and all the ripping heartache becomes a dance of compassion with yourself.


sasa said...

ohohoh, I did write a lot ... wasnt registered ... everything lost ... is it!!??

Now I dont send words, merely my energy.

... you know anyway... and nothing never ever gets lost :-)))


crow said...

I was walking this morning and understood two messages given by the universe:

If you beleive you are a spiritual being, nothing can be taken away from you that the universe cannot replace with even more love. And that being dissapointed without becoming angry is one of the very important keys in being peaceful everyday.

love, crow

i like your site:)