Tuesday, February 14, 2006

MSM Arrogance

Would somebody in the press please point out to me the place in the Constitution or federal or State law where it says that the government MUST put out a press release or a 30-second announcement for significant news items? I think that the guys and gals in the press, MSM or blog-world, are suffering from over-weaning arrogance. It showed in technicolor in yesterday's news conference. The media acts if the failure to disclose this event as soon as it happened was illegal. And, I am not sorry to say, it is not.

You won't find any dispute from me that you have the right to print and say what you want if you can discover it, with some restrictions on the margins, and on certain information that may not be legally disclosed. And, you certainly have the right to print and talk about VP Cheney's hunting accident. But, you don't have the right to a press release the moment it happened.

Would it have been more politically astute to run a press release Saturday? Perhaps, yes, when one considers the arrogance and greedy appetites of a nest of baby magpies. In the end, I assert that the only damage done was to the pride and prejudice of the reporters and their editors, who indignantly cried and whined like a playpen full of spoiled brat toddlers.

Grow up. You'll get your bottles when they are ready.

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