Thursday, June 02, 2005

Nee and Non to the EU Constitution

This is real interesting to me, a lawyer, and a one-time historian of the Constitutional debates in the US 216 years ago. The same issues are brought up by the people that were brought up back then: Small states v. Big states; individual sovereignty; guarantees of individual rights; corporate interests v. individual interests; economic haves v. have nots. This occurs after 50 years of the Europeans having their heads in the sand over these issues, and 200 plus years of ignorance of why we Yankees fought the British Crown and its puppet parliament compared to the French revolutionary nihilism.

I'm rubbing my hands with glee over this. AT LAST THEY SEE THE LIGHT!!

Now, may we Yankees recover our senses and throw our political/corporate establishment out with the bathwater, both parties and their corporate/banker financiers and the goddam insurance companies that hold legal title to nearly everything.

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