Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Facing Fears and You Create Your Own Reality


I used to do what I could to assuage the other's fears. What that did was to put more focus on them. I get more of what I focus on. So, I got more fear until it was a snarling pitbull of irrational monster. Bad idea.

Keep voicing everything: fear, love, insecurity, confidence. And, I won't try to fix them like I used to. Just release them into the Universe.

As for me, my fears include fear of others' insecurities--HAH! What a hypocrit am I!! My own insecurity fearing their's. Self-deprecating humor allows me to laugh at myself, not derisively but to put things into perspective and to change the focus from heaviness to laughter. That's why I laugh at the "Psycho" image--"NEE NEE NEE", whenever I think of this. We are our worst petty tyrant, I think. Laughing at it diminishes its, and our own, self-importance.

Let 'em rip, m'dear. Facing our fears is a legitimate way of teaching us what we need to learn. What's the worst thing that could happen? We'll die? We're gonna have pain? We're gonna do that, anyway.

I'll love you all come what may.

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