Saturday, August 21, 2004

On having human beings for kids

It occurs to me that I haven’t really written anything in a while that is about anything other than me. I’ve written lots of stuff about me being me. Not likely what anyone else wants to read. They are too busy being them.

So, about having kids. Kids aren’t just little people. They may be big people. Probably will be. Maybe, with a little coaxing they’ll grow up to be human beings. What’s the difference between people and human beings? Never occurred to you, I bet. There’s 6 billion people on this planet, but I get there’s barely 6 million human beings. People are homo sapiens, but that’s not saying a lot. So are human beings. People have all the genes, looks and potential of any homo sapiens. Human beings are people being human. Like I said, most people by far are not humans being. They are unconscious two-legged meat bags, too busy trying to figure out how not to starve, how to keep there kids from starving; or they are too busy trying to figure out how to pay their bills, not get fired, feed their kids, what the latest celebrities are doing, and how to get the latest fad that they are supposed to buy. Or, they have no survival worries, except to keep from going insane. Well, too late for most of them, anti-depressants notwithstanding. Kids are all this, most likely. Potentially, they have the capacity for knowing that they are spiritual bits of conscious energy, holograms of the universe as a whole. They have the potential to see and know that the universe is infinitely more than what they’ve been told. Having kids for most people is what they should be doing, with no thought whatsoever of having them grow up to be humans being.

Didja notice the change in terminology in that paragraph? Betcha did, but thought it was a typo. Human beings are humans being. What does that mean? Well a human is a conscious being. Conscious of themselves, their inner cores, and what’s going on around them. Most people are conscious of what goes on around them, at least what they’ve been taught and have accepted is going on around them. Funny thing though. Even though every thing they are conscious of is thought of as only that which affects them, they have no idea of the "them" that the world is affecting. They have no idea who or what they are. They are people just being people, doing what everybody around them is doing. Ask them, "Who are you?" and if you don’t just get a blank stare or the brush off, they start blabbering about what they do, what they have, who their friends are, who they’re married to.

Their kids are growing up to be just like them. Two legged porcine beasts consuming as much as they can, as fast as they can. The parents have no conception that there is anything different than what they are and have been, except for richer and more powerful, maybe, or just surviving like they and their ancestors have done for countless generations. Their kids can’t be expected to know anything different. One in a million will though.

That is my hope. That one in a million will see some light in him/herself. To know that they are a spiritual being having a physical experience. My two kids, fortunate enough to be brighter than most, or cursed to be brighter than most, may be the two in a million kids that I’ll know in my lifetime who figure this out to become humans being.

I’m not going to lecture you on how to raise humans being. If you are smart enough to grok this, you are a human being with the wherewithall to raise a human into being. Really, all you need to know is found out when you yourself become a human being. Just show your kids what they are equipped to understand at the time. Read them stories of other humans being. Show them examples of other human beings. Figure out who you are, and the kids will see it. They want to be just like you. Be a good example.

Thank you very much.


sEa said...

Just make sure they have nice teeth and can speak properly when interviewed about their supernatural sports feats when interviewed on national/international TV. That they know how to use a knife and fork, and are suprememly aware that lying and/or deception in any form is punishable by extended periods of exposure to fire ants and flesh-consuming bacteria.

Thank YOU very much...

P.S. This weekend, J decided that my ears make perfectly wonderful BBQ storage facilities.

The Crazy Shaman said...

Even worse than fireants and flesh consuming bacteria are my ear-numbing rants, and the occasional panking.


Anonymous said...

> They are unconscious two-legged meat bags

Wow you've met my exhusband! I've always been different.. I've always been aware...and have spent my life trying to 'wake up' others with varying degrees of success. (Hence he is an X husband!)

Nice Rant! Nice to know I'm not the only one who give ear numb lectures and the occasional swat on the but to her wayward child. Heh. My son still jokingly fliches (he towers over me at 19) and says in a little boy voice 'Please don't beat me!'

Yep that's me Quietly Evil.