Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The new “Sisiphobia” for the U.S. administration or Why Obama is so afraid of Gen. Sisi of Egypt

Those of you not familiar with my writings on Facebook and Twitter should know I'm an avid supporter of the Egyptian people.  I think that the Egyptian army did the will of the vast, vast majority of the People.  Lastly, and most significantly, I view the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization with international governmental support from Europe and America, that is underneath, behind, and hidden in cooked books, as well as so-called benign NGO's run by some very famous people. 

This article in the Canadian Free Press is very detailed as to why Pres. Obama does not want Gen. Sisi of Egypt to run for Egyptian President, and gives some searchable background to the story.

President Obama is afraid of a Sisi.

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