Tuesday, January 28, 2014


This blog has been in existence for ten years.  It has seen its ups and downs, lately a lot more down than up.

It is time to expand, to get outside of Facebook and Twitter.  They will continue to be active, but they will now take a supporting role to this blog.

I touch on a great many subjects, from politics domestic and international, current events, music and the other arts, and all the zeitgeist of current culture.  I thought about creating many blogs to concentrate each one.  The administration would be too time consuming, though.  Further, you Dear Reader, would be deprived of that which I do best, the drawing of connections and the providing of context in which all of that which exists in our realities manifests.  If you don't understand how things are connected, you do not have understanding itself.  So, I will continue to post everything in one blog and we can have fun connecting the polyglot.

So, have fun.  Get off Facebook sometime, and come here.

As always, you can contact me here, or roland_325@yahoo.com, and support me at Paypal using the same email address.

Until the next article....Namaste'

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