Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Holy Land

I say this with all the compassion I have. I wish peace be upon you. And I accept your feelings and beliefs on the matter. May they find some rest.

Every one has their side to pick, for their own reasons, which are perfectly valid. The things that people have done to each other there, for well over 7,000 years, have been both horrible and beautiful, and in between.

I am not Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Arab, Israeli, or a conquistador. Nearly all peoples of the Earth have some grievance against another that date from something that happened there.

To me, the area is sacred land, belonging to all peoples of the Earth. It is therefore what I call The Holy Land. I'm truly sorry for all the horrible things that have happened there. I am writing this under the title of We are The Holy Land, because when we identify something as us, we are more likely to stop messing it up.

If, and until, all peoples can let those grievances go to the past where they belong, and live in the present like the brothers and sisters we are, there will continue to be wars and rumors of wars, like the Good Book says, until the End of Days. There will never be democracy and peace in the world until, if, and when there is democracy and peace in The Holy Land.

NO SIDE can win in this. It's not possible. That is because it is not a place where anyone can win. It's either a place of peace or a place of war. That's the purpose we've given it. It is a focal point of cooperation or conflict for the whole world.

I realize that this is not acceptable. My people won't accept it, now, nor will the Palestinians nor the Israelis. My dream is that someday we all will. The Arabs are leading the way, with their democratic revolutions against their dictators. This must be accomplished, in Israel, and in all countries, first, so that the people can and will speak freely on this issue, without some leadership or interest group interfering to continue the conflicts.

I'm not picking sides in this because I've laid my hands on and kissed the foreheads of children on ALL sides. It doesn't matter if the child has burns from Israeli white phosphorous, or had half her face blown off from a Hamas suicide attack on a bus. NONE of this is justified. BOTH sides have to stop.

I thought when Arafat and Sharon died this would stop. I was wrong.

People on both sides have to come together like the people of Egypt and Tunisia did, and say STOP.

I"m sick and tired of this, people blaming each other, and the interminable blood vendettas. It starts and stops right at the front door of our hearts.

Every major government, religion and corporation in the world has sent money to all sides in this for the furtherance of this war, for thousands of years! NONE of it is justified.

When the the Muslim world is ready to hear that NONE of this is justified, they will stop. When the Israeli people rise up and say, NONE of this is justified, they will stop. When the Christians stop sending their money to further it, it will stop.
When all of the people are willing to say that this Holy Land belongs to no one and everyone, and NO ONE has the right to take a grain of sand from another, then it will stop.

When ALL the people say STOP all the money sent to pay for this blood and vendettas will sit unused in a bank account somewhere, until the People go get it to clean this mess up.

When the People have had enough, it will stop.

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