Saturday, February 13, 2010


How do I trust myself when what I’m experiencing at the moment is not what I want, and what I’ve experienced in the past has been bad, and the future is scarey when I even think about it at all?

It is not easy to genuinely apply a trusting attitude when we have no idea how to accomplish what we want. I'm there a lot of the time. I'm new at this, and my understanding is fresh. For what its worth to you, I found a way around this conundrum that goes something like this--

Things are what they are in the present now. Accepting that Truth is hard but essential. Wishing I were somewhere else, doing something else, with a different set of circumstances is not helpful, mainly because the Present is My Point of Power. All things happen from here. Accepting things as they are means that they are perfect in the present now. I may not agree with them. I may not like them. But things are perfect the way they are because there is no other NOW that exists–nothing exists but Right Now. So, now is Perfect, and what ever I did to create it was rendered perfectly or NOW wouldn't exist. So, doubting the Present Now is futile, and persisting in doing that borders on being stupid, in my opinion. I'm stupid quite often! Hahaha! The absence of doubt is Trust. And there you have it--Trust.

Everything else proceeds via an expanding set of probabilities from the Present Now. To resolve those probabilities requires that I figure out what I'm doing, thinking and feeling now. Figuring out that nothing exists but the Present was easy. It's just logic. This part is real hard, and trusting myself out away from the present now is much harder to do. Gradually, I'm noticing more of my doings, and not just the objective doings. I generally know what I'm thinking; I'm pretty good at that. I'm gradually understanding more of my emotional language (this is very hard for me), and my other feelings, impressions and impulses haven't ever been that difficult for me to notice and understand. All this can be quite confusing, though, and overwhelming. Sometimes you just have to say, "What the F---!" and just do it. Ask forgiveness later, if necessary. Or laugh and say, "See? I didn't ask permission, and things turned out grand! Any questions?" Hahaha!

It all starts with Now.

I hope that helps. If not, try something else until you find what works!

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