Thursday, December 01, 2005

Nature, Nurture or is there something else?

Well, first of all, I have to tell you that I start from a premise that our little bit of consciousness does not start out like random spark from a flint. In other words, it has a source, and that source is another consciousness. (What that consciousness is, is a different subject.) Let's throw in another premise that that source doesn't exist in space/time like our new consciousness does. (Could we get into a sort of genealogy here? But I digress.)

We, us and our source, choose this vessel from a time without time, with all it's biological functions and encodements (hormones, DNA, genealogy, etc.,), talents and infirmities, and the milieu of cultures, families, and programs that we are born into, among other things.

In that beginning state, time is not linear, the fun with retroactive enchantment being one example. Our path is one of an infinite number of possible paths we could have chosen. Our path is not certain, then, ever, except our footprint in the now--our point of power--our AP or the point on which we focus. Neither our past or future is given, only a range of possibilities.

We create our own reality in the now from all of those possibilities. We create this animal body every moment of every lifetime simply by will power and focus. That's where we intend our focus to be, so that's what we perceive at the moment. The next moment, and all the other parallel moments are a different matter, pardon the pun. The future and past are composed of waves of probabilities from the now, our focus, will and intent. The creative possibilities are not just infinite, they are eternal.

You, we, are only as bound by our DNA, culture, family and the rest as we intend to be. None of us really realizes how powerful we really are.


sEa said...

over Thanksgiving had a conversation corollary to this subject matter, namely morphic resonance. a british scientist proposes that not only do we inherit genes and physical models of "us-ness" or "species-ness" but that there is an intangible inheritance that fleshes out the "us-ness". as an example he uses a generation of mice that are taught to run a maze. each successive generation learns the maze more quickly without prior physical exposure to the maze in question. this would imply that there is some knowledge passed on that is not necessarily chemical-based or DNA-based. this might explain why we feel as if we have met people before, deja-vu, or feel as if we have lived in another time period. it might also be the answer to paranormal phenomena - it would just depend on how clued in you are to the perceptual world, ability to forego or filter the screaming insistence of a world gone completely out of kilter with nature.

just a thought (excuse MY pun)

Gunslinger said...

My thoughts have evolved a bit on this one, as they should. And morphic resonance is a good example of that. In this, I've come to understand that the intangible inheritance is like quantum entanglement. There are links of consciousness connecting us to our other selves, and our essence, and to the rest of All That Is. And those links of consciousness exist in all dimensions and physical and non-physical realities simultaneously and ubiquitously. So, when one of us learns or experiences something, we all do. This is how the All That Is stays connected to itself, and discovers itself, even while it is creating itself. Meanwhile, we in our linear time and separate spaces stay separated.

Time and space are beliefs. They are not absolutes. More on this later. To understand resonance in experience we have to suspend these beliefs, if only for a few moments.