Thursday, September 29, 2005

The Gales of September, the Ides of October

Here are some of my feelings, gnosis, or whatever for the coming month of October. I was asked elsewhere what I felt, and here 'tis.

What I do is start from mass perceptions, things in the Conventional Reality and quasi-Conventional Reality (like alternate and new age stuff), and while describing them in writing, gnosis takes over and interpretations spill out.

First, I have to say there was a lot of energy released by the gales of September, which was attracted to LA and TX by the energy present. What I mean is that mass consciousness energy tends to attract similar energy and that's the way the mass reality is created. At the end of September going into October, that mass energy in the US is shifting to politics, as the indictments of political figures, the vote for Supreme Court Chief Justice, and the nomination for Associate Justice take place. I think the energy is going to stay there in politics for the month of October. The energy released by the hurricanes by no means depleted the energy available to be released. More to come.

October starts with a solar eclipse on the third, the window for that starting on the 1st. I don't believe that eclipses are causes, but they are signs that people believe in, consciously or not, and this one happens in Libra (my ascendant sign), the sign of life's purposes and balance. Eeewww, balancing the scales can be painful, especially drastic movements. The unbalanced energy is significant, as any sensitive person here can attest. The lunatics running the asylum is just one symptom. Something eerie to add: the path of the eclipse travels right over the headwaters of the Nile, and is at its most complete at that point, too. The Nile to most people symbolizes Life, and the beginning of our current program (civilization). The headwaters are the beginning of both the river, and the symbol of the inception of the program.

October 16, very near the Ides, is a lunar eclipse, when Earth Changes and Human Consciousness coincide. Did I say above that mass events are triggered by mass consciousness? Hmmm. Remember, eclipses are just mass events given metaphorical significance. What this symbolizes to me is "a break between the way we experience a certain reality and the way we represent it, leading to a sharp adjustment." --Ellie Crystal's words. Your mileage may differ.

The height of the partial lunar eclipse passes over the US Mississippi Valley down to the Mayan Highlands, and the Indus Valley in Northwestern India. Both were centers of high culture at the inception of the programs in the Eastern and Western Hemispheres. Again, this may mean nothing to you, consciously or unconciously, but it feels to me like it will be noticed at the mass consciousness level, at the point the events are created.

Any way you look at it, October looks to be even more interesting than September, and not just conceptually or spiritually, either. Look for physical and emotional manifestations that are on the mass scale. We all create our own realities, solo and en mass. Stay as independent as you can from mass movements and from taking sides. It's a all a game that the world is playing, and no side is "right" or "wrong". They just are.

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sEa said...

does this stuff just spill out of your head or what?? way cool.. i knew we had come into eachothers' spheres for a reason. not sure what my contribution is, but hey...