Tuesday, May 10, 2005

How To Peel An Apple

These things must be done delicately. The apple must be washed, in vanilla scented water. Then the hands should be washed in glycerin soap. Next, your cutting tool must be sharp and fit well in your hand. Cradle the apple in the palm of your hand, the knife in the other. Pressure is applied with the last two fingers. The first two fingers and the thumb guide the blade. Hold the blade so it faces your thumb. Slip the blade under the apple's skin, not too deeply or you'll bruise the flesh. Slowly spin the apple toward the blade. Too fast and you'll cut your thumb. Starting at the top of the apple, spiral the slice downward across its surface. When you are out of skin, your apple is naked in front of you, and her clothes lie neatly on the floor. Perfect!!

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