Wednesday, September 15, 2004


It's pretty much established now that the National Guard Memos that purport to be about Pres. Bush's Guard service are forgeries. Question is, who'd a dunnit, and why. While the conspiracy theories grow like dandelions in a summer lawn remember these immortal words:

"Stupidity trumps Machievelli every time." Sen. Robert Bennett, Rep. Utah; September 15, 2004, speach on Senate floor.


quantum_shaman said...

Hey, you! I finally figured out how to create an account here so I can pester you on your blog. *grin* Actually, am very impressed with it so far, and look forward to more.

Machiavelli is my hero, dark as that may sound. When I first met Orlando in the flesh, he had a copy of THE PRINCE on his coffee table. I went out that night, bought a copy & read it cover to cover. Reminds me in hindsight of some of don Juan's teachings - harsh, direct, uncomfortable, but altogether true.

Anyhoo... huzzah on your blog!

The Crazy Shaman said...

It's positively machievellian to let stupidity be its own reward. Just stay out of the way. *smiles*