Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Does the Universe Exist

A Zen master would say to the question, "Does the universe exist?"--"The cypress tree grows in the garden.

A quantum shaman would say, "It does if you want it to; just depends on where your assemblage point is."

A quantum physicist would say, "Yes, but you can't tell its momentum and its velocity at the same time."

The Einsteinian relativist would say, "Yes, but what time it is depends on your velocity."

A Castanedian Toltec would say, "Yes, it exists as filaments of energy, but only if the same filaments are lit up in your energy egg."

A Ruizian would say, "Only if we agree it does."

Somewhere in that morass of sayings, there is a Universe to enjoy.
Think I'll go zazen under the cypress tree.

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