Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Coon poop

Coons like great big flat rocks.  They'll turn a 6 foot square limestone table rock into a coon latrine.  I can see them now:

Mine's bigger.

Oh yea?  Check this one out.

No way, who cares about size when it comes to poop?  Mine's prettier.   Look at all the grapes, gooseberries, juniper berries and blackberries.  Jackson Pollack would be proud!

Get out beotch!  Mine has Eukanuba in it from the ranch house!

Oh Puhleaze!  Mine has Friskie's from that finicky Persian over the hill.

Oh gawd!  Here come's Fred!  He eats those minnows out of the bucket in the stock tank!  PEEEEEE YEEEEWWWWW!!!!!

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